Why Gepardo?



Gepardo stands for ‘cheetah’ in the universal worldwide language Esperanto*. Cheetahs work quickly, accurately and purposefully. Like a cheetah, Gepardo goes straight for its target, it prepares well before starting the ‘attack‘ and will work fast and focused but adjust course if necessaryIn the logo, you can see the shape of a stylised cheetah’s nose.

Agile, precise and focused, that is what we stand for and what is woven into the name.

Gepardo IT staffing

We recruit, select and second

Gepardo recruits the best IT specialists, engineers and data specialists for IT companies that are looking for just the candidate they need for specialist work. We search beyond our own borders and continue until we have found the best candidate.

With these thoughts in mind, we start recruiting.

What we can do for you

This is what Gepardo is all about

There is a great demand for highly skilled and driven talents.Instead of competing for the scarcely available resources we add new experienced and skilled professionals to the Dutch pool of IT resources. We recruit and shape candidates from the Netherlands and all over the world. We have 20 years of experience in the administrative and legal aspects of hiring expats.

We recruit and second only the best candidates by ising strict selection procedures. We can take the responsibility for the formal employment, including the associated administrative and financial obligations.. When needed we take care of the immigration procedure for the candidate and, if applicable, his or her family.

1. Esperanto is an invented language that was created so that people from all countries could talk to each other. It is therefore an international language. Originally created by Ludovico Zamenhof
Many people learn Esperanto very quickly.

Origin of word
Comes from the word esperanto (one who hopes) in Esperanto, which is derived from the Latin sperare (to hope).

The “Esperanto jubilee symbol” represents the rapprochement of the Latin “E” (West) and the Cyrillic “Э” (East)