‘Our highly skilled specialists’

IT Staffing

In the Netherlands only 6.000 people are looking for a job in ICT (UWV, 2020) on pool of working resources of more then half a million ICT-professionals. These numbers are making ICT the industry with the most scarce resources in the Netherlands. In stead of joining the war for talentother ways to recruit ICT-professionals are needed if you want to grow your business. Taking the hurdle of employing international specialists can you by realizing your strategic ICT initiatives.

We continuously looking for a selection of the most wanted profiles in the Netherlands. For example we are always and continuously recruiting:

  • Cloud Engineeers (AWS\Azure)
  • Data Engineers
  • Cyber Security Specialists

Other profiles we recruit commissioned by our clients. There is a broad range of profile we are searching in this way. Varying from generic profiles like multilanguage support engineers to business specific SAP consultants. As long as the competence is international available we are able to find them.