beyond borders


With targeted recruitment campaigns we are looking for well-educated and experienced IT professionals who have the ambition to come to the Netherlands as knowledge migrants.


Once found, applicants' skills are thoroughly reviewed and several interviews are conducted. Only the best applications are selected and contracted. After which they are seconded to a Dutch company.

Rules & Laws

Gepardo has been a recognized referent for many years. We have extensive experience with various placements of knowledge migrants with its customers. We take care of all the necessary documents, pay the employee.

Gepardo beyond borders

We recruit highly talented IT professionals from all over the world

Many companies in the Netherlands have difficulty finding good IT professionals, engineers and data specialists. We search, find ánd select highly skilled IT specialists who speak English very well.

Gepardo is a recognised Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) referent and knows everything about the complex Dutch laws and regulations in this regard, so you can work with the best IT staff without fuss and worry.

Our hunting area? The world!

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